Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

CDSS - 43

This is the largest 43 steerable satellite antenna dish in the southern hemisphere. Its 70 meters in diameter and 73.2 meters in height.
It keeps it's communication for 8 hours with orbiting satellite out in space, then waits for the other satellite station to finish their communication to make up 24 hours. The other satellite stations are located at Madrid in Spain & Goldstone in California.

Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower

The 195.2 meters Telecommunication Tower above Black Mountain in Australia's capital city.

National Arboretum
Mt Stromlo Observatory 74-inch Telescope

74-inch Reflector

The largest reflector and advanced telescope was Mount Stromlo's research instrument, before it got damaged by the firestorm in 2003.

Floriade Light Show 2015

NightFest Program - Floriade 2015

Sound and Light show at the Commonwealth Park.